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Investigating Informal Assessment

If you are visiting this post, you have attended my brief lesson, “Investigating Informal Assessment” that covers the purposes of informal assessment, and how it relates to emergent and fluent literacy learners. Objectives of the lesson Students will learn the various purposes of using informal assessments. Students will apply their knowledge of informal assessments to literacy practices using scenarios to make decisions about the instructional needs of learners. Students will learn key factors to consider …Read More

Should the focus on reading instruction end in the primary grades? Transcending Reading Teaching Methods to the Upper Grades

While working my graduate studies, I was asked to do a comparative research assignment.  This is where you take a current issue, or problem in education, and find a study from many years ago which it compares to.  My study compared an educational problem in reading in 2010, and then seen what research was available in 1939 in relation to the same issue.  It was very interesting to compare research from these two time periods, …Read More