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Award-Winning Professor.

First-Generation Student,
turned Teacher, turned Professor.

Inspiring one student and lesson
at a time. 

Dr. Kamshia Childs, Assistant Professor (Literacy; Curriculum & Instruction), Teacher Educator, Curriculum Developer, Speaker, and Author

A Professor that has not lost the "Heart of a Teacher"

Directly from the heart of a teacher. My passion for students, teachers, and parents empowers me to be transparent, honest, and relevant.


    Dr. Childs has taught in public schools and universities in Kansas and Texas for over twenty years. She has served in various capacities as a tutor and paraprofessional in the K-6 setting, and she has been a teacher in grade levels 4-6. Dr. Childs has taught all subjects, but her specialty area is English Language Arts and Reading. She is currently a faculty member at Texas A&M University-Commerce which serves urban, rural, and suburban populations in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Working in an ESL setting has allowed her to have exposure to a variety of ethnic backgrounds and experience with students that have spoken over twelve different languages throughout her career. Dr. Childs takes pride in making learning relevant and meaningful for students.


    Passionate about writing, Dr. Childs has been a contributor to the Kansas Journal of Reading, a participant of the Flint Hills Writing Project, a founder of the Writing Project of North East Texas, a lead editor of the Texas Journal of Literacy Education, and has taken part in poetry writing competitions, and written song lyrics. She has also self-published a book for parents and teachers (29 Days to LOVE Literacy, which is written from 29 days of tweeting to parents). She often feels writing is the true expression of her feelings, and a gift of expression that captures time. She seeks to contribute to educational blogs and books, and is excited to author and publish her first children’s book in 2024.


    Dr. Childs has served as a consultant for school districts in Texas, and various organizations and families. She is currently on the task force and serves on the Board of Directors for the non-profit, Kids Read Now.


    Dr. Childs has spoken at various local, state and national conferences in the areas of education and literacy engagement, digital literacies, student success, diversity, and differentiation of curriculum. She also has a passion to help parents and students make connections to learning literacy skills at home. She is available to speak for keynote and concurrent sessions at conferences, or willing to serve on educational panels.


Dr. Childs' Latest Research

Dr. Childs’ research has always been rooted in practices that promote engagement and equity in education, literacy, and life. You can find her presenting at conferences, on social media uplifting and informing educators, and sharing her journey as a tenure track professor.  Find Dr. Childs’ scholarly work on her Google Scholar Profile.

What is EdWhys?

Education Synergy for Teaching and Learning

EdWhys is a division of Whysideas, and seeks to touch society by impacting classrooms and communities.

From visiting schools and organizations to give presentations, to an emerging Podcast on the horizon, EdWhys has been Dr. Childs’ term and brand of ideas for all things innovative, engaging, as well as culturally relevant and significant. EdWhys seeks to look at education beyond school walls, and beyond standardized assessments. EdWhys questions “why” and seeks knowledge in all things education, literacy, and life.

More About EdWhys

Dr.childs' WOrk and Collaborative Efforts

Featured Work

Dr. Childs has been featured on univerisity news outlets, and on a few podcasts and social media talks. She is heavily involved with state and national literacy organizations, and her work continues to span across the globe (even as far as Indonesia).

REACH Research/State of Texas Student Success Program Inventory

Dr. Childs worked with a dynamic A&M Commerce and TEPI Team to conduct research on behalf of TheCB.

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A&M Commerce Professor Appointed to the Kids Read Now Board

A&M-Commerce faculty  Dr. Kamshia Childs is a recent appointee to the Kids Read Now (KRN) board of directors. 

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National Writing Project of North East Texas 

Dr. Childs is a founding member and on the Board of Directors for the A&M Commerce’s fairly recently formed National Writing Project site.

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Teachers and K-12

Dr. Childs is an advocate for public school teachers and professionals in the K-12 setting. Look for her resources and guidance here.

Higher Education Professionals

If your research interests align, Dr. Childs would love to collaborate on manuscripts, and chat with you to find solutions to better serve pre-service teachers. Find all things higher education related here.


Parents– Not sure how to help your child with reading or writing. Not to worry, Dr. Childs wants to help you!

Consult and Collaborate with Dr. Childs

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