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End of Semester Reflection- Spring 2016

Another semester is in the books, and as usual, it is bittersweet. I enjoy teaching college students–as I admire their passion, dedication, and new outlooks and perspectives on life. However, coming from a K-12 background for 11 years, it is difficult to only have the students for 16 weeks, and then they are on to the next phase in their college career. It has been a busy semester…I taught a full course load (though still …Read More

Fall 2015 Semester Reflections

The busiest semester that I have ever had teaching college courses, recently came to an end.  I had a heavy course load this time around, it was a test at times, and I really had to find a balance in my personal life and career.  However, it was a welcomed challenge.  I taught several course sections, with a fine group of students in GUST 305 (College Student Success) and  INRW 0301 (Integrated Reading and Writing). …Read More

Advice for Future Students in Dr. Childs’ Class

Another semester has come and gone, and I will be entering my third year in Higher Education (thirteenth year in education) this Fall. I asked my students in my Advanced Reading and Writing for Non-Native Speakers course to share advice for future students taking my courses. Here is what they said: Be on time! Do not procrastinate Remember to review announcements on Blackboard frequently. (I post weekly agendas as a guide to the course) Stay …Read More