I Am More Than My Name

The children’s book, I Am More Than My Name by Dr. Kamshia Childs, is a poetic tribute to having a unique or unusual name (in sound or spelling). From facing stereotypes and being misunderstood, to lacking self-esteem to pursue dreams due to underrepresentation, this book—narrated with the use of various diverse characters—centers on empowerment and pursuing hopes and future goals. Illustrated with vibrant textures, colors, and geometric shapes, using the eclectic style of artist Brionya James, I Am More Than My Name paints a beautiful journey of claiming ownership of one’s given name—and finding pride in it’s uniqueness.

I Am More Than My Name is a great read for:

  • Building the confidence and self-esteem of the reader
  • Classroom read-aloud time, or independent reading
  • Addressing stereotypes, and the challenges that come with having an uncommon name (or uncommonly spelled name).
  • Introducing readers to career possibilities (career education)
  • For Children ages 6-10 in various classroom learning environments
  • For educators looking to promote a sense of belonging and pride in the uniqueness and diversity that students from all backgrounds bring
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