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About Dr. K. Childs


Dr. Childs has taught in public schools in Kansas and Texas for fifteen years.  She has served in various capacities as a tutor and paraprofessional in the K-6 setting, and she has been a teacher in grade levels 4-6.  Dr. Childs has taught all subjects, but her specialty area is English Language Arts and Reading.  She is currently an Adjunct Faculty member at San Jacinto College (South) in Houston, Texas.  Working in an ESL setting has allowed her to have exposure to a variety of ethnic backgrounds and experience with students that have spoken over twelve different languages throughout her career.  Dr. Childs takes pride in making learning relevant and meaningful for students.





Passionate about writing, Dr. Childs has been a contributor to the Kansas Journal of Reading, a part of the Flint Hills Writing Projects, and taken part in poetry writing competitions, and written song lyrics.  She often feels writing is the true expression of her feelings, and a gift of expression that captures time.  She seeks to contribute to educational blogs, and education lesson planning websites for future collaborations.




29 Days to L.O.V.E. Literacy

29 Days to L.O…

Economic Black &am…

By Dr. K. Childs

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Dr. Childs has served as a consultant for the Alief Independent School District, and various organizations and families.  She will further this area of her career by opening communication between veteran teachers and beginner teachers though a future business venture.





Dr. Childs has spoken at various Local, State and National conferences in the areas of education and reading, diversity, and differentiation of curriculum.  Her “Not the Book Again” presentation focuses on parent and student connections to learning skills at home.  She is available to speak for concurrent sessions at conferences, or willing to serve on educational panels.
















































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  • I BELIEVE...What makes me different from everyone else is that I put myself in my students’shoes.

    Dr. K. Childs

  • I BELIEVE...My students should see living examples as to how they can achieve—despite obstacles.

    Dr. K. Childs

  • I BELIEVE...My students need relevant curriculum applicable to their lives in order to be successful.

    Dr. K. Childs

  • I BELIEVE…I’m in education to show my students the power of education beyond the classroom.

    Dr. K. Childs

  • I BELIEVE…My job is important, and as a teacher, I have more to learn.

    Dr. K. Childs

  • I BELIEVE…It takes a SPECIAL person to be an educator.

    Dr. K. Childs

  • MY VISION…To keep students first, and make an impact-- as they are the ones who will lead in the future.

    Dr. K. Childs