Dr. Childs vs. Mrs. Childs

_DSC2711_webIt has been a moment since I was able to post information to the site.  I am currently serving in two roles.  I am educating middle school students in the area of Social Studies by day, and teaching college students reading and writing skills by night.

The past eleven years, I have worked in fifth and sixth grade classrooms in ELAR (and some years all subjects).   This year, I am teaching World History and Geography.The experiences have been challenging from  year to year.  I consider myself and very flexible, and versatile person, but it has truly been quite the experience to switch roles– from Dr. Childs (with my college students) to Mrs. Childs (with my sixth graders).

Regardless of the role I am in, I always demand a classroom setting of respect, accountability, and leading by example.  I share personal experiences, and relate assignments to the students I am serving.  This experience of being in limbo of the two roles have actually helped me to clearly see education, and it’s impact on students later in life.  I admire my college students’ willingness to go after their dreams, and the stories (positive and not so positive) they have shared with me that ended them up in my classroom. They realize the mistakes they may have made along the way, or the disservices they might have experienced in education.  My role and the demands I put on my sixth graders has been pretty tough, as I  know they might not think their middle school years are important–but my experiences, and my college students experiences say otherwise.

Dr. Childs, is an aspiring scholar, an “outside the box” thinker/lesson planner, and she strives to help other educators develop a sense of community and curriculum that is relevant and authentic within their classrooms.  Mrs. Childs, does the same, but the focus is tailored to a younger, more challenging audience that might not quite be prepared for Dr. Childs’ expectations.  Either way, I feel I am passionate, accommodating, attentive, and reflective.  I don’t know why I have been put in the situation that I am in– having to serve two roles, but I am really glad that I have to opportunity to touch lives across a wide spectrum.  Two different roles– each adding a different layer to my career experience. Stay tuned.


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