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Another semester has come and gone, and I will be entering my third year in Higher Education (thirteenth year in education) this Fall. I asked my students in my Advanced Reading and Writing for Non-Native Speakers course to share advice for future students taking my courses. Here is what they said:

  • Be on time!
  • Do not procrastinate
  • Remember to review announcements on Blackboard frequently. (I post weekly agendas as a guide to the course)
  • Stay focused on the schedule
  • Do not miss any classes
  • Submit assignments on time!
  • Don’t over use any breaks given in class

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These students had FIVE weeks to complete sixteen weeks worth of work.  They worked diligently, and of the many assignments given to the students, I only had two assignments submitted late the entire semester.

As an adjunct (part-time) professor, I am in a limited role on my campus–but I do not take it lightly. Many of my students in this course were educated and received degrees in their native countries, so college is not a new experience for them. However, for some, I am their first professor in America. That speaks volumes, and I am honored.  As with all of my students, I hope that they have seen and appreciated my dedication and professionalism. Lastly, I hope that I have shown them the respect, care, and enthusiasm that I have for teaching and learning.

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