Write AWAY: Writing Across the Curriculum and Beyond

(AWAY) Authentic Writing Awaits You…

Writing is necessary and relevant to everyone! Attend this session to learn how to integrate writing activities in any subject area within your educational setting (including P.E. and Fine Arts) with creative, culturally relevant, and engaging prompts. Participants will also leave the session with a wealth of resources and ideas to motivate students to write outside of the school setting.

The objectives of this session are as follows:

  • Participants will learn to integrate writing into core subjects and beyond by applying their knowledge in stations/centers.
  • Participants will learn how to teach the major purposes for writing in a way that is applicable and relevant to students’ lives.

Audience: General (Applicable to all grade levels)
Keywords: Writing, Engagement, Curriculum Subject Integration, Literacy, culturally relevant pedagogy

Session Handouts

Reflective Writing Prompts  Download

This session discusses the need to use writing as a tool to engage and develop student thinking, by using creative and culturally relevant instruction. The information in this session aligns with (but is not limited to) the research of the following:

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Additional Resources

100+ Tools for Differentiating Instruction Through Social Media: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ihsTwYr1kFx9Jb08Z2w5i1MWoxYkRXZbTP4Gcbodp6I/edit?pref=2&pli=1#gid=0

Authentic Writing Ideas for Reluctant Writers:


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