Good News: TALE Board Election Results

The TALE Board election ended,  and I am happy to announce my election to the Texas Association for Literacy Education!   It is such an honor, and I am elated that such seasoned and respected literacy professionals from across the state see me as a great representative to be a leader within the organization.   I am submitting the biography and photo below to the official TALE website (look for it to be added soon):

Kamshia Childs is a Visiting Assistant Professor (Reading) in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at Texas Southern University in Houston. Her professional experiences includes working  as an adjunct professor in the College Prep Department at San Jacinto College (South campus) for three years, and working in rural and urban public school districts in Kansas and Texas for eleven years. She has served in various capacities as a teacher, tutor, and paraprofessional in the K-6 setting, and she has been a teacher in grade levels 4-6. As a public school teacher, teacher, Dr. Childs has taught various subjects (Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies, self-contained), but her primary area has always been English Language Arts and Reading. Working in an ESL setting throughout her career has allowed her to have exposure to students who represent a variety of ethnic backgrounds and experience with students that have spoken over twelve different languages throughout her nearly 15 years in education.  Her research interests include Literacy, Student Motivation, Multicultural Education, Reading and Writing Strategies.  She takes pride in creating classroom experiences that are current, relevant, and meaningful for students.

If you played a part in my election to the board by placing your vote, I am thankful for your support.    I will serve a 3 year term, and I am excited to get the Houston area and the Texas Southern community more involved with Texas literacy initiatives and practice.

 If you are interested in joining TALE or would like information about the organization, please see the TALE website.  TALE is also an affiliate of the International Literacy Association (ILA), and I encourage educators to become aware and involved with your local affiliate or both organizations.

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