Changing the Language- SXSW Edu Proposal

I have recently submitted a proposal to present a Future 20 (20 minute) session at SXSW Edu (South by Southwest Edu) in Austin, Texas in March 2018.  Part of the proposal process is done through crowd sourcing, and requires voters to vote “up” for my proposal.  Thirty percent of the selection process by the panel depends on internet votes.  I would appreciate your support in such an innovative forum to express my ideas about literacy education, and how we can improve to better meet the needs of today’s students.

Session Description: This session will share ways to incorporate social media, technology, and popular culture into traditional literacy learning assignments. Outside of the classroom, students are using the skills taught, but many are unable to connect their learning. The presenter/speaker will work collaboratively with the audience via technology/poll (application) to explore and engage conversations they can use to transform the academic language that they use in their classroom as it relates to literacy.

I have prepared a video through Adobe Spark that addresses the highlights the burning questions of the proposal, and it was created to garner more interest in the proposal.  View it here:

Voting will be open until Friday, August 25th, and you may place your vote here:

* You must register with a valid email address to vote, and you may place one vote per email address.   You will receive email from SXSW, and be offered an opportunity to attend the conference and festival.  If you choose to not receive email from SXSW you can always opt out of further emails.

Look to see more with “Changing the Language” in 2018, including presentations, articles, and other educational resources.  Thank you for your support!

– Dr. K. Childs


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