Writing: Room for Improvement & Tips–TSU COE Graduate Majors Meeting

On Saturday, September 16, 2017, I had the pleasure of sharing some reminders and room for improvement with our students to make sure they are on par with the skills needed to write at the graduate level.

So often, students work so hard to get into a graduate program, and forget the purpose of a graduate program–to GROW professionally. In order to do so, this requires effort, attention, and care to details. As a graduate student, your work and ideas should be able to stand out. Your work should be reflecting your experiences, as well as reflect professionalism. Professors should not at this point, spend too much time editing your work. A professor should be able to proudly share your work with other colleagues or any other professional in your field. Your graduate level experience should be about building a trusting and professional network, and the contents of your work is where this begins.

View the Writing and APA Tip Sheet for Graduate Students handout

View the slideshow from this presentation:

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