Locked In—Differentiating Literacy Content to Increase Student Engagement

“Locking In” Using Differentiation

Differentiating instruction is an act of education that is complicated, but yet simple at the same time.  It is complicated, because it requires a substantial amount of commitment to meeting the learning needs and styles of students,  as well as paying attention to small details within your instructional practices.  Although difficult, I have made it a point in my teaching practice that my students walk away with a personalized experience, and one that is organized, safe, as the least stressful as possible.  As educators we must “lock in” and find the “keys” to effective instruction for all learners.

Having worked with a a diverse population my entire career, I have had to be patient, compassionate, and differentiate my instruction in the areas on content, process, product, and the learning environment.  It has been rewarding–as my students have been successful, and complementary on the manner in which my classroom is guided.

I was recently asked to share with a group of students a lesson plan that explains (and showcases) various differentiated instructional practices, and how it can applied to teaching literacy and reading. Of course, I presented different strategies, but I really focused on keeping students engaged– which as always been my mission, no matter if I was in a K-12 setting or higher education.  Take a look at my presentation below, as well as a few valuable resources that I complied.  I present to you, my presentation, “Locked In—Differentiating Literacy Content to Increase Student Engagement.”

Additional Resources

Activities from centers during my session came from the book, “29 Days to L.O.V.E. Literacy

What is Differentiation? (Reading Rockets)

100+ Tools for Differentiating Instruction Through Social Media

Differentiation With Social Media Tools Chart w/Real Time Updates by John McCarthy

Differentiated Instruction for Gifted Learners: http://dianeheacox.com/

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