YouTube Channel “EdWhys: Education, Literacy, and Life”

A couple of months ago I began a YouTube Channel, that shares my professional knowledge and the resources and scholarly work that I have created. On the channel, I discuss information about Educator Development, Student Engagement, Parent Empowerment (in teaching their children literacy skills), and Social and Cultural Awareness.


  • Dr. Childs’ Two-Cents Tuesday Tips: Each week, I bring more elaboration from my weekly Instagram posts, in which I share important tips related to classroom management, cultural awareness/culturally relevant pedagogy, and many aspects related to the development and sustaining of literacy skills.
  • Education Shout-Outs: A newer segment, that I give credit to educators, students, and any others who are making a positive impact in education.
  • Faculty/Young Scholar Journey: As a first-generation scholar, I am still learning and going through the process of what it takes to transition into higher education.  This segment goes inside the experiences of that transition, and shares my personal experiences on that challenging journey.

Sample Video

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