Teaching Students to L.O.V.E. Literacy Despite Common Core and Standardized Testing

If you are visiting this post, you have attended my brief lesson, “Teaching Students to L.O.V.E. Literacy Despite Common Core and Standardized Testing” that covers the purposes of ESSA, and how it relates to meeting the needs of all learners despite the challenges that educators face.

Objectives of the Lesson

  • Students will learn the goals and purpose of the ESSA.
  • Students will learn the challenges that educators face within the components of the ESSA.
  • Students will explore the creative manners in which educators can respond to and approach standardized assessment requirements due to educational reforms.

View the slideshow presentation below, and additional resources that provide information on ESSA and its components:


Additional Resources

Teaching Students to L.O.V.E. Literacy” by Dr. K. Childs (2016, 2017)

How Standardized Tests Shape—and Limit—Student Learning” National Council for Teachers of English (NCTE, 2014)

 “The Seductive Allure of Data” from Educational Leadership (Popham, 2003)

Three ‘Reforms’ That Are Deprofessionalizing Teaching” NeaToday (Walker, 2013)

Video: “3 Ways the Every Student Succeeds Act Looks to Get Families More Engaged in Schools”  The 74million.org (2018)

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