In limbo…

Hello everyone! I am in between being a middle school educator, and making the transition to teaching in higher education. It has not been all that easy, and though I have the required credentials, I lack in publication experience.  I have recently been working on a proposal to present new curriculum ideas/ strategies at a major conference.  I also have been writing an article that I am submitting for potential publishing.  At times, I have wanted to give up, and go where I am most comfortable- doing the same thing in my career that I did for past eleven years. However, when I get to that point of wanting to just stay “comfortable”, I get a phone call or an email with an opportunity or message that tells me to keep pushing.

If you are reading this, know that although I have more freedom and control over my career, I still need your prayers and encouragement.  If you know of someone needing educational consultation, recommend me. If you hear of opportunites to present at a conference,  FULL TIME faculty openings, opportunities to speak or collaborate with a school district, or any other area where my services could be of use, please contact me. My primary area of expertise is reading and writing.   I love to incorporate technology, and I am in the process of developing a series of short resource books to help teachers and parents with teaching reading comprehension and writing skills. The more “outside the box” the opportunity the better.

Teachers are AMAZING people.  Many are so very talented.  However, they hardly ever get to share that with others- due to the demands of their job. I’m trying to be that voice. Network with me, and help get me out of “limbo”.

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