Dr. K. Childs’ NEW YouTube Channel

I have FINALLY created a channel on YouTube.  I plan to share teaching tips, my educational perspectives, and discuss current best practices in literacy education.   As a huge advocate for social justice and equity in education, I will also share videos that feature issues related to culturally competent teaching, and the need for more diverse faculty members in higher education.

My first video “Teacher Tip Tuesday: Create Your Own Reading Logs” (below) discusses one of my Teacher Tip Tuesday posts from my Instagram account.  I mention reading logs that I created and customized for my students when I taught in a K-12 setting.  You can find an example of one of my logs here: Download.

To view other videos on this channel and to SUBSCRIBE for when updated videos are added, please click this direct link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOUCRm95k259qDwKCWRZymA

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