San Jacinto College Literacy Institute 2015- Conference Presentation

Presentation Name:”Reflective Writing for Students Who HATE Writing”
Location: San Jacinto College, South Campus
Date of Presentation: 7/30/15

Many students hate to write because they do not see the relevance of learning to write for “academic” purposes.  Reflective Writing benefits both the student and the instructor because the tasks foreshadow the cognitive process of a student, and provides an opportunity to later look back and see growth. This presentation will use reflective writing and journaling tasks designed to improve students’ writing skills in a manner that is engaging and builds confidence in writing.  The presentation will provide tasks that can improve pre-writing for essays, and responses to literature using technology and other multimedia. For details, see the presentation and resources below:

Other Related Resources:

Handout #1- Changing the Language of Students[su_spacer]

Dr. Childs Lesson- Reflective Writing: Definition & Examples

Handout #2- Reflective Writing Prompt List


Poster photos from “Changing the Language Activity” during the conference:

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