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My first INTERNATIONALLY published article, “Integrating multiculturalism in education for the 2020 classroom: Moving beyond the “melting pot” of festivals and recognition months” is finally available for educators of the WORLD to download. Unfortunately, it is not free, but you may try downloading it through your local university library database, or feel free to subscribe to the Journal for Multicultural Education or purchase the article separately.
To access my latest article, click on the link below:

This paper aims to take a brief glance at the past of multicultural education in classrooms and discusses the ever-changing “melting pot” of cultures expected to continue to grow even more diverse in the USA in the next few years. It seeks to identify ideas and approaches that will help integrate multiculturalism into the curriculum and classroom practices in the future.

This paper explores and challenges the importance of understanding multiculturalism’s role in the classroom by sharing the relevance of moving beyond surface approaches to teach about different cultures. It delves into the need to dig deeper to make multicultural perspectives and contributions a part of curriculum and classroom environments on a daily basis.

The author concludes that due to the rapidly changing demographics of the population of students, it is a necessity to address concepts such as inclusion of underrepresented cultures and ethnic backgrounds in curriculum materials, educator preparation and diversifying teacher educators.

This paper shares a unique perspective as goes beyond sharing multiculturalism with students as recognition or a celebration or a festival. It details how curriculum practices and classroom environments should strive to make differences a part of the general curriculum and become a shared culture – not a separate culture.

Keywords:Integration, Multiculturalism, Classroom diversity

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