Changing the Language: Using Social Media & Popular Culture to Teach Traditional Literacy Skills

What is “Changing the Language”?

“Changing the Language” now available as a peer-reviewed article: TALE Yearbook, Vol. 5, Fall 2018

We are in a time period in which technology evolves so fast, that we feel as if we will never catch up.  This definitely is an everlasting debate as it relates to education.  If you are visiting this post, chances are you have attended one my sessions over the need to “change the language” in order to reach our students in the classroom as it relates to literacy.

During the session, the following points were made to help teacher educators find a way to connect, engage, and learn the needs of their students by getting on their level, and taking a new approach to teaching traditional literacy skills.  See below for details of the session, the slide presentation, and additional resources related to the presentation.


This session has been presented at:

Look for additional presentations of this session in the upcoming months. “Changing the Language” is currently an article titled, “Changing the Language: Using Social Media & Popular Culture to Teach Traditional Literacy Skills”.   It is my hope to eventually turn the contents into a book for educators.


Slide Presentation (General Session)

Additional Resources

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29 Days to L.O.V.E. Literacy (Book/ebook) by Dr. K. Childs

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