NAME Conference 2015- R.A.P. Literacy Learning

Name of Presentation: R.A.P. Literacy Learning
Date: 10/3/15
Location: New Orleans, LA at the 25th Annual NAME International Conference

There are three main objectives of this presentation:

  • To present and address causes of learning gaps in literacy of students who are often considered underperforming.
  • To present engaging ways that educators can adapt their literacy learning environment to be more relevant to a variety of student populations and academic levels.
  • To present innovative, creative, yet easy to implement teaching strategies in literacy that allows for future success of students from diverse populations in all phases of the literacy journey.

Significance of Content: Guthrie and Wigfield (2000) mention that “Teachers create contexts for engagement when they provide prominent knowledge goals, real-world connections to reading, meaningful choices about what, when, and how to read, and interesting texts that are familiar, vivid, important, and relevant…A coherent classroom fuses these qualities”.

This presentation addresses student differences in learning styles, abilities, and environments.  So often, literacy from a multicultural standpoint is discussed from only addressing the use of curriculum materials (books, illustrations, passages, etc.) that represent students.  Bias in curriculum materials and textbooks are commonly discussed.  However, this presentation adds to the discussion of these things by moving beyond having materials in the classroom that “look like” the students, but how to actually implement these things into future literacy curriculum and pedagogy.  This presentation provides insight on how to “fuse” multicultural education, multicultural and diverse learners, the classroom environment, and literacy learning together by making sure that content presented is Relevant, Adaptive, and Prolific.

To view the slideshow from the presentation and accompanying resources, click below:

Handouts related to this presentation:

Handout #1- Changing the Language of Students
Handout #2- Reflective Writing Prompt List



Guthrie, J.T., & Wigfield, A. (2000). Engagement and motivation in reading. In M.L. Kamil, P.B. Mosenthal, P.D. Pearson, & R. Barr (Eds.), Handbook of reading research: Volume III (pp. 403-422). New York: Erlbaum.

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