Solid Foundation: Using Teaching Strategies that Build Comprehension

If you are visiting this post, you are probably looking for the slideshow and accompanying resources to my presentation titled, “Solid Foundation: Using Teaching Strategies that Build Comprehension”.

What do you do once your students have a solid foundation in their literacy skills to help further develop them into fluent readers? How do we as educators move students to better comprehend text, and read for understanding? In my presentation I focus on the foundation of reading (the Big Five).  I use the analogy of  building a house to discuss the foundation (Phonics and Phonemic Awareness), the frame (Vocabulary and Fluency), I mention the roof (comprehension) as the peak, and most important piece in literacy learning.

Find my slide presentation below, as well as additional resources to improve reading comprehension with students:

Additional Resources

Dr. K. Childs Pinterest Board, Solid Foundation: Building Reading Comprehension

Strategies for Activating Prior Knowledge” (Baltimore County Public Schools)

8 Activities to Build Inference Skills” (The Teacher Next Door blog)

Adobe Spark,   App that can be used for Retelling/Summarizing Events in a story or text or Visualization, and Sequence

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